A multimodal operator to simplify logistics services in Africa

Africa Global Logistics is now a global supply chain player in 49 African countries.

We support the ever-changing needs of our customers in transporting their goods to their final destination with our extensive international freight expertise.

Our unrivalled transport and logistics know-how is adapted to specific country requirements to expedite imports and exports across the entire African continent, reaching even the most remote areas.

We draw on our industry expertise to develop bespoke, high value-added solutions. Africa Global Logistics comprises a network of offices employing thousands of staff based at the main seaport and airport hubs in Africa. We provide our customers with a local service, in-depth market knowledge and 24/7 end-to-end control of the supply chain.

We are also supported by the global Bolloré Logistics network, which operates in 60 countries outside Africa.

Our expertise covers multimodal transport, industrial projects, contract logistics and customs operations.

Manutention portuaire sur le terminal d'Abidjan


159 contract logistics
700,000 sqm
58,000 tonnes imported
14,000 tonnes exported
238,000 TEU imports
192,000 TEU exports
71,000 TEU
226 wharehouses commodities
932,000 sqm

Corridor logistics: a turnkey solution

Africa Global Logistics offers extensive expertise in logistics across the African continent. Our turnkey services offer makes import and export operations possible in even the most isolated areas.

Knowledge of corridors

Our local knowledge gained over many years operating in difficult corridors means that our teams are able to cover all of Africa’s main transport corridor.

AGL employs local carriers who comply with the highest international standards. We have robust, tried and tested procedures and dedicated customs clearance points set up by the State specifically for our purpose.

Customs clearance scheme
Customs clearance scheme
Customs clearance scheme
Customs clearance scheme
Global freight solutions along these corridors

We have preferential customs clearance and container detention conditions, ensuring there are no additional costs or operational risks.

AGL provides transportation and customs clearance from the port of entry to the final destination via:

  • a combined transport bill of lading from the port of loading
  • delivery on the basis of commercial haulage from the port of entry.
Agent de sécurité portuaire en train de discuter avec un collègue devant son pickup dans un terminal portuaire

AGL also provides support services for drawing up the necessary documentation and applying specific procedures (ECTN, goods inspection, etc.).

The corridors can be served by rail, road or inland waterway. AGL has dedicated solutions for monitoring corridor information in real time

Our expert teams are therefore able to propose recommendations and alternatives depending on the situation at the ports and along the corridors.

AGL also offers additional services, including armed escorts and special convoy solutions for abnormal loads.

Vue aérienne de camion en attente de départ pour un convoi exceptionnel

Raw materials logistics

Africa Global Logistics offers a high level of expertise in handling sensitive raw materials with a one-stop logistics solution for all raw materials flows.

Custom expertise and infrastructure

Our teams provide customers with international freight and shipping solutions, dedicated raw materials storage facilities with value-added services and customs clearance capability. They also provide warranty management with digital warehouse management solutions.

AGL is committed to implementing custom goods-specific solutions. We also offer additional services, such as sorting, sampling, quality control support, bagging and fumigation.

Employé logistique en train de déplacer des palettes dans un entrepôt
Collateral management

Africa Global Logistics has developed a tool designed to build trust and ensure secure transactions via a third-party depositor/warehouse operator.

We offer this collateral management service to our customers in Africa in the agricultural commodities sector. Thanks to our partner banks (import/export), we are able to physically manage the goods in our warehouses and monitor operations.

227,000 tonnes of raw materials
1,690,000 tonnes of agricultural raw materials in 2022
64,000 tonnes of tea
82,000 tonnes of cashew nuts
139,000 tonnes of coffee
253,000 tonnes of cocoa derivatives
639,000 tonnes of cocoa exports
700,000 tonnes of cotton exports

Project logistics

Whatever the size of a project, its origin or destination, Africa Global Logistics offers customised solutions for all industries in the energy and mining sectors.

Our solutions are tailored to each project’s specific requirements and are supported by our network of experts. AGL offers a high level of expertise to manage the complex logistics of industrial projects.


Railway track in an African desert plain

Dedicated air and sea charter office

Project planning and management capability (Primavera, MS Project)

Shipping of heavy loads and out-of-gauge loads with expertise in route surveys

Ability to offer project-specific solutions (barging/longshoring operations, etc.)

Comprehensive procedures, processes, methodologies and associated documentation, with the ability to develop appropriate solutions for individual projects

Tender management: a specialist tenders team supporting the countries and benefiting from the technical expertise of the head office projects department

Setting up a pan-African supply chain control tower for freight forwarders

Multiple internal training modules (project pricing, tender management, heavy lift operations); developing the skills of our in-country staff

Oil & Gas

AGL provides logistics solutions upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry in Africa. The oil and gas supply chain involves tight synchronisation of supplies of extremely diverse equipment from multiple origins to areas which are often difficult to access.

Safety, regulatory compliance and, of course, the environment are all matters requiring special attention.

Our strategically located hubs operate around the clock, providing warehouse facilities, secure platforms and cargo lifting gear, offering customers services tailored to their business, from order management to final delivery, while ensuring precise, real-time visibility.

  • Shore base/supply base/pipeline operations
  • Construction logistics (pipelines, LNG production, refineries)
  • Primary logistics contracts (for engineering and construction)
  • Investment in assets and equipment
Pipe line de transports au soleil couchant

Engineering, supply chain and construction logistics

  • Full range of end-to-end logistics services for mining companies and EPC projects


Supply chain logistics

  • Managing consumables, equipment and spare parts
  • Transportation in accordance with the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC)
Convoi exceptionnel en camion dans le désert


  • End-to-end transportation of generators and transformers
  • Renewable energy logistics (for wind and solar energy)



  • Transmission line – storage and supply
  • Transportation of substations and auxiliary transformers
  • Continuous supply chain – maintenance contract logistics
vue aérienne d'une ferme de panneaux photovoltaïques en Afrique
Infrastructure and civil engineering

AGL has a wealth of experience and expertise in the automotive, chemical and petrochemical, high-tech, telecoms and energy-related technologies sectors.

Logistics management services

  • Logistics contracts (for engineering and construction)
  • End-to-end transportation of industrial plant and equipment
  • Supply chain support for port/airport/bridge/hospital development projects
  • Transport services for irrigation, agriculture and water distribution
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