In our role as a workflow integrator, Africa Global Logistics provides the link between assemblers and equipment manufacturers in all sectors. Our high value-added contract logistics solutions incorporate supplier relationship management and supply chain consolidation, enabling our customers to reduce time to market and offer top-quality after-sales service.

We provide warehousing and distribution solutions adapted to specific industry sector needs.

Processing goods on arrival

  • Quality control and quantity checks
  • Repackaging and labelling as required
  • Real-time allocation of pallets/crate locations
  • Secure area for sensitive products
  • Inventory replenishment
Employé avec tenue de sécurité avec son walkie talkie devant des conteneurs au terminal d'Abidjan

Managing stored goods

  • Ambient, temperature-controlled or refrigerated storage
  • Expiry date management
  • Order picking/warehouse picking with advanced planning capabilities
  • Multi-criteria inventory reports
  • FEFO, LIFO, FIFO management
  • Serial/batch number management
Employé homme en tenue de sécurité en train de faire l'inventaire des stocks

Distribution to customers

  • Last-mile delivery
  • Custom dairy processing for our customers’ supply chains

Implemented by a network of experts in Africa, we are developing solutions for certain industries through our contract logistics to meet the specific needs of the African continent. 

étalage de fruit devant des camions de transport de conteneurs stationnés au second plan

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