Yiri, AGL's Innovation Center located in Abidjan

As a major logistics player, our ambition is to continuously innovate to stay at the forefront of the latest technological trends and thus maintain our position in the market. That’s why we have established our own Innovation Center: Yiri. Located in Abidjan, it is dedicated to supporting our teams working on digital and innovation projects within the AGL Group and also involves partnerships with local universities and startups.

Yiri is not just a physical space dedicated to innovation; it is an accelerator of progress and transformation for Africa. By investing in creativity and encouraging the exploration of new ideas, we are committed to actively contributing to the economic and technological development of our continent. By creating synergies between our teams and external stakeholders, Yiri represents a place where brilliant ideas become concrete realities to contribute to the constant evolution of our industry and Africa.

Thematic masterclasses, pitch competitions, conferences, roundtable discussions, innovation challenges – Yiri offers a wide range of activities aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and supporting innovation.

Furthermore, our Regional Innovation Center offers various programs with the respective objectives of:

  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit and fostering an innovation culture among our employees and students.
  • Promoting intrapreneurship within our group.
  • Hosting startups and facilitating the co-construction of solutions.

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