Yiri: Empowering Innovation in Africa from Abidjan AGL's Innovation Center dedicated to technological progress and entrepreneurship.

ABOUT YIRI Yiri, Abidjan's heart of innovation

As a major logistics player, AGL is committed to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation. It is in this spirit that we have created Yiri, our Innovation Center located in Abidjan. This Center aims to stimulate innovation among AGL employees, customers, and universities, while at the same time supporting the development of start-ups in Africa. Yiri’s mission is to:

  • Forster creativity
  • Stimulate innovation
  • Contribute to the continent’s economic development
  • Support entrepreneurship
  • Promote the adoption of new technologies
  • Promote digital careers in Africa

We encourage creativity and the exploration of new ideas to contribute to the economic and technological development of our continent. Yiri is not just a physical space, it’s a gas pedal of progress and a catalyst of transformation for Africa.


Our activities

Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship

Yiri offers a wide range of activities and programs designed to inspire and support innovation:

  • Conferences and Round Tables: Events that bring together key industry thinkers and players to discuss current and future trends.
  • Thematic Masterclasses: enriching sessions led by experts to deepen your knowledge in various fields of innovation.
  • Innovation Challenges: Stimulating competitions designed to solve specific problems and promote innovative solutions.
  • Webinars: Dedicated sessions hosted by Yiri teams and experts to exchange ideas on various themes, wherever you are.
  • Open days: Days dedicated to entrepreneurship to enable you to meet and exchange ideas with students, entrepreneurs and recruiters…
Our programs

Accelerate: Accelerate the growth of West African startups

« Accelerate » is Yiri’s open innovation program dedicated to startups developing technological solutions in the group’s key or related sectors (logistics, transport, digital…). The program aims to accelerate the growth of your startup through expert coaching, training and events at an innovation hub in the heart of Abidjan.

At the end of the acceleration process and depending on the opportunities offered by the AGL network, strategic partnerships with the group may be concluded, and access to the ecosystem of partners and potential investors in Africa or abroad will be guaranteed.

- Who can join the Accelerate program?

  • You are African resident and/or are targeting Africa
  • You are available during the 6-month program
  • You are not part of a parallel program
  • You already have an offer or product and are in a growth or expansion phase
  • Your offer or product is innovative and enables the digitization or transformation of the AGL Group’s businesses.


Discover: Discover the world of entrepreneurship and innovation

“Discover” is an acculturation program for innovation and entrepreneurship open to all: employees, students, startups, customers and the general public. The program aims to raise participants’ awareness of innovation methods and encourage them to adopt an entrepreneurial posture, through a unique hybrid approach (online session and bootcamp).

Launch soon!

Enable AGL employees to play an active role in the Group’s innovation and bring their projects to fruition

The intrapreneurship program dedicated to developing the projects of AGL Group employees.

Partnerships and collaboration

Together for innovation

Yiri benefits from strategic partnerships with local universities and startups, creating a rich ecosystem where ideas can flourish, and innovative projects take shape. These collaborations are essential for sharing knowledge and resources, and for co-constructing solutions to today’s challenges.

JOIN US Are you ready to innovate?

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a startup looking for guidance, or a student with a passion for innovation, Yiri is your space to grow, learn and turn your ideas into tangible realities.

Contact us at yiri@glgroup.com to find out more about our programs and how you can get involved.

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Adress: Marcory, Zone 4 Abidjan

Email : yiri@aglgroup.com

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