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25 July 2023 | 12:44

The Douala – Yaoundé – Douala Train Express celebrates two years of service

CAMRAIL, Cameroon’s rail concessionaire and a subsidiary of AGL (Africa Global Logistics), is proud to celebrate two years of operation of the Douala-Yaoundé-Douala Train Express.


As a means of transport linking the city of Douala to the rest of Cameroon, the Train Express plays a key role in the connectivity of the country’s cities, offering a convenient, reliable and accessible transport service. Since its launch on July 1, 2021, it has made 1,394 trips, carrying 328,771 passengers between Cameroon’s political and economic capitals.


Every day, departing from Douala at 6:30 a.m. and Yaoundé at 5:00 p.m., the Train Express contributes to the development of trade and the mobility of goods and people. With its comfortable, air-conditioned first and premium class carriages, it has become one of the first choices for those seeking a safe and affordable transport alternative. Passengers appreciate the comfort offered by modern on-board facilities, such as TV screens and power sockets, which allow passengers who so wish to work during the journey. The bar-restaurant car, with meals and drinks served on board, is another benefit that enriches the passenger experience.


The Train Express also stands out for its punctual and regular service, providing daily service to the towns of Edéa, Messondo, Eséka, Makak and Ngoumou.

Carte anniversaire à l'occasion des 2 ans du train Express Douala-Yaoundé-Douala de Camrail
«On the occasion of our 2nd anniversary, I would like to express my gratitude to all our staff for their commitment to the smooth running of the Express Train. Their professionalism has enabled us to deliver the quality of service that has made us such a success. I would also like to thank all our passengers and partners who have supported us over the past two years. We're already looking forward to the next few journeys with you, and we're committed to continuing our efforts to serve you to the best of our ability. We are already planning to offer Wi-Fi on board, in the near future.» Dr Gilbert Nkana Pondy, CAMRAIL's Deputy Managing Director in charge of Passenger Transport

Train Express remains committed to offering a high value-added service, responding carefully to the needs of its passengers and working constantly to improve their experience. CAMRAlL looks forward to continuing to serve Cameroon with excellence.


A subsidiary of Africa Global Logistics, CAMRAIL has held the concession for Cameroon’s railroads since 1999. A major player in Cameroon’s economic and social development, CAMRAIL invests an average of 12 billion CFA francs per year. The company pays an average of 10 billion CFA francs each year to the State of Cameroon in royalties, taxes and fees. With 1,500 direct employees and 4,000 subcontracted staff, CAMRAIL is developing a proactive human resources policy.


Press contact:

Hugues Mbala Manga – Head of Communications Department

hugues.mbala-manga@camrail.net      Tel. : 696 91 01 28

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