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28 April 2023 | 18:09

AGL launches its “Zero Accident Plan” on the occasion of World Day for Safety and Health at Work

For the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, AGL launches its “Zero Accident Plan”. The leading multimodal logistics operator in Africa, unveils its ambition to gradually eliminate all accidents related to its activities worldwide.

As part of its CSR strategy, AGL reaffirms its commitment to the health and safety of its employees and promotes a culture of prevention and management of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) risks.

An ambitious initiative to strengthen its HSE commitment

This plan, designed and implemented by AGL’s teams, is based on the best practices of the sector to guarantee a safe and healthy work environment. It is built on 5 fundamental pillars: the exemplary nature of managers through their commitment, the respect of 14 non-negotiable rules created by the company and adapted to its context, the knowledge of the dangers specific to each work environment, the identification of all malfunctions in the field, and the sharing of good practices during inspections.

The implementation of this plan includes several modalities, through a precise program whose execution is already in progress. This program includes risk assessment to maintain safe and healthy working conditions, provision of protective devices and equipment and supervision of their use, training, and instruction to enable all employees to perform their activities safely and effectively, consultation and participation of personnel, monitoring of all equipment under the responsibility of AGL or one of its entities, and reporting of safety-related malfunctions to ensure their treatment.

As a specialist in integrated logistics services (port, rail, maritime and logistics), AGL is aware of the risks inherent to its industry. Therefore, the company is committed to a QHSE management system on 100% of its sites, the majority of which are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified. The company applies constant vigilance in the improvement and local execution of its procedures and organizes numerous training sessions for the sharing and application of risk prevention measures. As of February 2023, the company has completed more than 95,000 hours of training (first aid, PPE, firefighting, safety driving, risk management, HSE awareness sessions, etc.) across its 49 sites in Africa, Haiti and Timor.

Thanks to all these actions, AGL intends to optimize its processes to guarantee a “safety” culture within the company, with the aim of achieving a Zero Accident activity.

A worldwide awareness day

On this World Day for Safety and Health at Work, AGL joins the international movement initiated by the ILO to promote good health and safety practices. In all the territories where it operates, AGL and its teams organize a series of events to raise awareness among employees, partners, stakeholders and communities about occupational hazards and the preventive measures to be put in place.

Sessions on the prevention of certain diseases, control and vaccination, road safety awareness, as well as emergency drills in case of fire or serious accident, are organized in all the other countries where AGL is present and in particular in Gambia, Kenya, Benin and Cameroon.

Affiche du plan 0 accident d'AGL
«On this World Health and Safety Day, we renew our commitment to the health and safety of all. We believe that every employee deserves to work in a safe environment, and we are committed to providing the necessary training, organizations, equipment and procedures to ensure this. Together, we will continue our efforts to achieve our ultimate goal of zero accidents. I am convinced that this is possible, and we will work to make it happen» Olivier Restoueix , AGL's QHSE and CSR Director.

About AGL (Africa Global Logistics)

AGL (Africa Global Logistics) is the reference multimodal logistics operator (port, logistics, sea and rail) in Africa. The company is now part of the MSC Group, a leading shipping and logistics group. Having developed its expertise over more than a century and with more than 21,000 employees working in 49 countries, AGL provides its African and global customers with global, customized, and innovative logistics solutions, with the goal of contributing in a sustainable way to the transformations of Africa. AGL is also present in Haiti and Timor.

Contact Presse : Rachel HOUNSINOU, Responsable Relations Médias – AGL rachel.hounsinou@aglgroup.com – +33 01 88 87 10 14 – 06 43 27 16 91

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