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23 February 2023 | 9:56

Unlocking Tanzania’s Potential as a Logistics Hub: AGL Tanzania Shares Insights at Tanzania-EU Business Forum

Photo à l'occasion du Business Forum 2023 en Tanzanie

Unlocking Tanzania's Potential as a Logistics Hub: AGL Tanzania Shares Insights at Tanzania-EU Business Forum Dar es Salaam, 23rd February 2023 ​​​​​​​

The recent Tanzania-EU Business Forum, held in Dar es Salaam from 23-24th February, brought together business leaders and government officials from Tanzania and the European Union to discuss ways to strengthen trade and investment ties between the two regions. One of the key topics discussed at the forum was the importance of the transport and logistics sector in Tanzania, and the role it plays in connecting East Africa to the global market.

Among the participants at the forum was Eldon Khuty, the General Manager of Africa Global Logistics in Tanzania, a leading logistics and transportation company operating in the region. Khuty spoke on a panel discussion titled “Transport and Logistics – Move through the Gateway of Tanzania,” where he highlighted the strategic location of Tanzania as a gateway to East and Central Africa, and the opportunities that exist for businesses in the logistics and supply chain sector.

Tanzania has long been considered a strategic gateway in the African logistics and supply chain market. Its strategic location along the Indian Ocean, coupled with its network of road, rail, air transportation and port infrastructures makes it a natural hub for trade and commerce within the region. In recent years, the Tanzanian government has invested heavily in modernising its transport and logistics infrastructure, with the aim of attracting more foreign investment and boosting economic growth. The panel discussion explored the challenges and opportunities facing the logistics and supply chain sector in Tanzania, and how the country can leverage its strategic location to become a regional logistics hub. The discussion also touched on the need for collaboration between Tanzania, the hinterland countries such as DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and Zambia, and the European Union to improve trade and investment ties, and how EU companies can take advantage of the opportunities available in Tanzania.

Khuty emphasised the need for investment in modern logistics and transportation infrastructure, such as ports, railways, and highways, to improve connectivity within the region and reduce the cost of doing business. He also highlighted the importance of developing a skilled workforce to support the growth of the logistics and supply chain sector in Tanzania.

The participation of Eldon Khuty at the Tanzania-EU Business Forum underscores the importance of the transport and logistics sector in Tanzania, and the role it plays in driving economic growth and development. With the support of government and private sector investment, Tanzania has the potential to become a leading logistics hub in East Africa, connecting the region to global markets and driving trade and investment in the region.

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