With 17 container terminals in Africa, Haiti and East Timor, Africa Global Logistics is able to optimise business performance through high quality infrastructure and equipment, modern technologies and the expertise of our teams who are all highly trained in port operations.

Through the public-private partnerships we have established, our customers benefit from the best possible service offer and a long-term, trusted relationship with the port authorities.


Terminal design, construction and modernisation

Container ship cargo stowage

Import and export storage facilities

Rail and inland waterway links

Optimised management information system interfaced with the administrative authorities and shipping companies

Refrigerated fleet management

Transshipment platforms


Carte de la présence des terminaux à conteneurs d'AGL en Afrique Carte de la présence des terminaux à conteneurs d'AGL en Afrique
  • 1

    Dakar (Dakar Terminal), Senegal

  • 2

    Conakry (Conakry Terminal), Guinea

  • 3

    Freetown (Freetown Terminal), Sierra Leone

  • 4

    Monrovia (Monrovia Terminal), Liberia

  • 5

    Abidjan (Abidjan Terminal), Ivory Coast

  • 6

    Abidjan (Ivory Coast Terminal), Ivory Coast

  • 7

    Tema (Meridian Port Services Terminal), Ghana

  • 8

    Lomé (Togo Terminal), Togo

  • 9

    Cotonou (Benin Terminal), Benin

  • 10

    Lagos (Tincan Terminal), Nigeria

  • 11

    Kribi (Kribi Conteneurs Terminal), Cameroon

  • 12

    Libreville (Owendo Terminal), Gabon

  • 13

    Pointe-Noire (Congo Terminal), Congo

  • 14

    Moroni (Moroni Terminal), Comoros

  • 15

    Dili (Timor Port), Timor-Leste

  • 16

    Port au Prince (TVBI), Haiti

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