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9 February 2024 | 15:30

Efficiency in motion

Maersk EMDEN, the latest addition to the Maersk FEW3 service, recently made its mark at MPS Terminal 3, spotlighting the agility and effectiveness of Ghana’s maritime trade. Hoisting the Danish flag, this ship pledges expedited transit times from South-East Asia, revolutionizing standards across the Sub-Saharan region.

 Measuring an impressive 366.47 meters in length and 48.26 meters in width, Maersk EMDEN boasts a carrying capacity of 13,100 TEU. Upon arrival, she docked with a draft of 16 meters, departing at 13.30 meters post a swift operation handling 7,613 TEUs in 5,480 crane moves.

 During Maersk EMDEN’s stay, the terminal witnessed an impressive berth/vessel productivity, reaching 168 moves per hour (MPH). Mr. Mohamed Samara, CEO of MPS, emphasised the firm commitment of MPS shareholders (AGL, APM Terminals, and GPHA) to enhance terminal infrastructure. This dedication was evident in the deployment of seven Ship-To-Shore (STS) gantry cranes, three of which were commissioned in November 2023 (2 months ago) alongside twelve eRTG gantry cranes, ensuring optimal productivity.

 Describing the scene as a “Forest of Gantry Cranes” at the commission ceremony of latest arrival the 15 electric-powered gantry cranes, Mr. Philippe Labonne, President of AGL, evoked the imagery of containers swaying beneath the canopy of cranes while capturing the essence of efficient port and maritime operations. This charming imagery captures the seamless integration of nature and industry, symbolic of progress and innovation, and vividly described a scene that can be seen in the enclosed picture.

Mr. Samara explained the operational achievements during Maersk EMDEN’s call at MPS, highlighting sustained high productivity averaging 29 moves per hour per crane, a testament to technological expertise and manpower synergy. Noteworthy were five STS cranes achieving exceptional performance with an average productivity of 30 to 33 moves per hour, while two STS cranes operating at the bow and stern delivered 26 MPH.

 Such outstanding performance at MPS Terminal 3 signals a new era of efficiency and excellence in maritime operations on the West Coast of Africa. MPS propels Ghana’s maritime industry forward, with a resolute commitment to innovation and sustainability.

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