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20 March 2023 | 18:11

Benin Terminal acquires eight brand new port tractors

Benin Terminal acquires eight brand new port tractors Benin, February 20th, 2023

Benin Terminal, operator of the container terminal of the Port of Cotonou, put into service on February 3, 2023, eight brand new port tractors manufactured in Utrecht in the Netherlands by Terberg, specialized in port equipment. Received in mid-December on a ship from the Port of Antwerp, these machines are now operational after a phase of compliance ensured by the technical management of Benin Terminal.

At a total cost of 636,592,276 FCFA (about half a million euros) and financed by Benin Terminal, these eight state-of-the-art port tractors are the centerpiece of container transport at the terminal. Equipped with a powerful engine, they have the particularity of moving heavy loads of up to 75 tones.

Each of these vehicles is equipped with a spacious, soundproofed, and air-conditioned driver’s cabin. The cabs also have a seat with adjustable mechanical shock absorber, front and rear windscreen wipers and an emergency exit. All of this guarantees optimum comfort and safety for the driver.

This investment in modern, low carbon footprint port tractors contributes to the development of Benin Terminal’s services and ensures its optimal operation.


The acquisition of these new tractors demonstrates our commitment to the ongoing quest for operational excellence in the service of users. These low carbon footprint vehicles also materialize our choices in terms of environmental preservation in accordance with our Green Terminal Label” declare Fabrice Ture, General Manager of Benin Terminal


About Benin Terminal

Thanks to FCFA 95 billion (€145 million) invested since 2013 by Benin Terminal, the container terminal in the port of Cotonou has become a regional logistics growth hub for Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria. A major player in the country’s logistics chain, Benin Terminal employs 419 Beninese and is developing a policy of subcontracting that generates a thousand indirect jobs. Benin Terminal also carries out actions for the population in partnership with NGOs, for example supporting the schooling of young people affected by HIV, supporting the empowerment of young people and raising awareness of environmental preservation.

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