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8 March 2023 | 9:47

Africa Global Logistics in Guinea mobilizes for International Women’s Rights Day

Photo de groupe en faveur de la Journée Internationale des droits de la femme

Africa Global Logistics in Guinea mobilizes for International Women's Rights Day Conakry, March 08, 2023

As every year, Africa Global Logistics in Guinea joins the celebration of the International Women’s Rights Day to mark its commitment to equality for all. On the occasion of the 2023 edition of this international day, the company conducted on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, a program of solidarity actions in the orphanages “Kiridiya” and “La voix des Sans Voix” in Matoto and Ratoma.

After a census of all the needs observed in the two orphanages, Africa Global Logistics in Guinea has disbursed nearly 103 million GNF (about 11 280 €) to improve the living conditions of the children. In total, 3 dormitories and toilets have been renovated for the inhabitants of these orphanages. Thanks to this investment, a water tower equipped with a 3,000 L tank was built at the Kiridiya orphanage, a refrigerator and a television set were installed for the children of “La voix des Sans Voix”, as well as sanitary protection, mattresses and foodstuffs were offered to the two associations.

«On behalf of all the women and children of Kiridiya, we sincerely thank Africa Global Logistics in Guinea for this gesture. Thanks to your donations, our girls will all have better hygiene with protection when they need it and access to water in the toilets with our new water tower. Thank you also for all our children, who will sleep in better conditions» BANGOURA Marie Denise , Manager of the Kiridiya orphanage.
«Thank you to Africa Global Logistics for this help. Our orphanage has just been the victim of a fire that destroyed everything and the donations received are a considerable help for the life of our girls and all our children» Yarie CAMARA , Manager of the orphanage La voix des Sans Voix.

For Africa Global Logistics in Guinea, Women’s Rights Day is part of a more global social policy, aiming to reinforce its impact. “This year, we have decided to place the International Women’s Rights Day under the sign of equality for all. This is why, beyond the girls, we have given our support to all the children of the “Kiridiya” and “La voix des Sans Voix” orphanages, in accordance with our sponsorship policy, one of the fundamental pillars of which is the protection of vulnerable people”, expressed Fabjanko KOKAN, Country Director.

Africa Global Logistics in Guinea accompanies social actors throughout the year, with actions in favor of improving the living conditions of women and children, notably with the maternity ward of Ignace Deen Hospital, the Ratoma Communal Health Center, the Bernard Kouchner dispensary, the Saint Gabriel Dispensary, the National School of Arts and Crafts, the Kaloum Town Hall and the Donka INSE.

Press contact: Fode DIAOUNE

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About Africa Global Logistics in Guinea

Africa Global Logistics in Guinea, is the leader in integrated logistics in Guinea and operator of the Port of Conakry container terminal since 2011. More than 1,500 billion Guinean Francs (€145 million) have been invested to modernize the infrastructure and information systems of Conakry Terminal, and to renew the handling equipment for ships and containers. Africa Global Logistics Guinea is also contributing to the country’s economic development through its activities and the training of its employees. The company also has a social policy to benefit the Guinean population, which is reflected each year by the implementation of numerous solidarity actions.

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