At AGL, it is formed around the Supervisory Board and the General Management.


General Management

Portait de Philippe Labonne

Philippe Labonne

Chairman of AGL

Our Chairman is in charge of the General Management of Africa Global Logistics. He chairs the Executive Committee and acts as liaison between the Board of Directors and the shareholders. Philippe Labonne holds the position of Chairman of Africa Global Logistics.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board of AGL determines the orientation of company business and monitors its implementation, in accordance with its best interests, taking social and environmental considerations into account in its business. It oversees the application of best governance practices and the proper working of the internal control bodies.

It is chaired by Hugues Favard and includes Ela Aponte, Nicolas Sartini and Philippe Labonne.

Hugues Favard

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Philippe Labonne

Chairman of Africa Global Logistics

Ela Aponte

Member of the Supervisory Board

Nicolas Sartini

Member of the Supervisory Board

Management Committee

The management committee implements the company’s strategic orientation. Under the responsibility of the Chairman of AGL, the Executive Committee, is composed of the following 13 members :

  • Philippe Labonne – Chairman
  • Olivier De Noray – CEO Ports & Terminals
  • Stanislas de Saint Louvent – CEO Maritime Solutions
  • Eric Melet – CEO Logistics & Railways
  • Sebastien Beuque – CEO Logistics Solutions
  • Philippe Balzing – Chief Financial and Administrative Officer
  • Tahirou Barry – CFO Ports and Terminals
  • Patrick Lawson – Head of Concessions
  • Constantin Esanou – Head of Legal and Insurance
  • Vincent Galindo – Head of Human Resources
  • Stephane Collet Manent – Head of IT Systems
  • Dieudonné Gaibai – Head of Communications
Executive Committee

Apart from the members of the Management Committee, the Executive Committee includes

  • Koen Verbeke – Head of Sales and Operations – Ports
  • Olivier Restoueix – Head of QHSE/CSR
  • Yann Danvert – Head of Compliance


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