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23 avril 2024 | 16:26

Abidjan Terminal déploie une nouvelle technologique digitale pour améliorer son efficacité opérationnelle

Abidjan Terminal, the 1st container terminal of the Port of Abidjan, a subsidiary of Africa Global Logistics (AGL), recently deployed a new Vessel Operation module (VSOPE WEB) in its port operating system. This maritime operations planning and execution module of the TOS OSCAR (Terminal Operating System) used at the terminal, aims to significantly improve the operational efficiency of the terminal, by streamlining all container handling operations.

This advanced technology, designed by AGL’s teams, improves the terminal’s key operational processes. It offers Abidjan Terminal’s operators a new range of functionalities that promote advanced management of ship loading and unloading operations, as well as real-time monitoring of container movements on the fleet.

«One of the key benefits of the new VSOPE is its ability to improve transparency and visibility throughout the supply chain. This new technology will allow the terminal to control our operational processes from end to end and to detect malfunctions that affect the efficiency of operations in order to correct them and ultimately boost the productivity of the platform. » Madoussou DAO, Business Process Manager AGL and Leader of the VSOPE WEB deployment project

This innovative solution will also optimise the flow of goods and reduce waiting times, offering tangible benefits for both port operators and customers. By providing real-time information on the status and location of containers, the platform will enable supply chain actors to plan their operations more efficiently.

«We are pleased with the implementation of this new technological module, which will allow us to significantly increase our performance and reduce the transit time of goods for the benefit of consumers. This innovation will therefore contribute to Abidjan Terminal's continued to play a crucial role in the development of trade in Côte d'Ivoire and the sub-region. » Asta-Rosa CISSE, General Manager of Abidjan Terminal

The implementation of this new module is part of Abidjan Terminal’s digitalization strategy, which strengthens its position as a major logistics hub for the port of Abidjan serving its customers and the region’s economy.

About Abidjan Terminal

A subsidiary of Africa Global Logistics (AGL), Abidjan Terminal operates the port’s first container terminal and, thanks to its performance, contributes to the economic and social influence of Côte d’Ivoire. Labelled « Green Terminal », the company has acquired modern equipment that respects environmental and societal standards, as part of the energy transition. With 3500 direct and indirect employees, Abidjan terminal has competent teams capable of offering connected solutions in line with the needs of customers and partners. The company also benefits from the expertise of the Pan-African Port Training Centre (CFPP) to improve the skills of its employees and carries out actions in favour of disadvantaged populations and young people. Abidjan Terminal has a triple ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – health and safety – ISO 18001 quality certification.

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Armand AHOURE – Head of Port Communication
AGL Côte d’Ivoire. Tel: +225 07 08 08 08 36 – kissi-armand.ahoure@aglgroup.com

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